Madrid-Helsinki. Over Scandinavia

Our plane has crossed the border of the Netherlands and Germany, and is now flying somewhere over Hamburg.

over Germany

On the right, you can clearly see the lowlands of the Nrrdfriesches-Wattermeer - Bay coastal shoals, and marshes-areas that are flooded only at very high tides or a surge during strong storms. In this area, a huge number of migratory birds arrange "halts", migrating in spring and autumn along the East Atlantic migratory route. In 1974, the government declared the area a nature reserve.

Over Jutland. Reserve Nordfriesisches-Wattenmeer

Flying over the southern part of Jutland, we see the Bay of Kiel below.

Kiel Bay

This is already southern Denmark, the island of Aire.

Southern Denmark, Isle of Aire

The Great belt Strait separates the Danish Islands of Funen and Zeeland.

The Great Belt Strait,

The town of Nyborg, here begins the Eastern overpass of one of the most important bridges in Denmark.

Over Denmark. Nyborg and the Great belt Strait,

The Big belt bridge (Storebæltsforbindelsen) was opened in 1998, and construction took 10 years. This is the third longest suspension bridge in the world. The main span is 1,624 meters long and the total length is 6,790 meters.

Big Belt Bridge (Storebæltsforbindelsen)

The pylons on which the main span is suspended rise 280 meters above the water. The bridge replaced the ferry crossing, which had a capacity of 8 thousand cars per day, now the Strait is crossed by more than 27 thousand cars daily.

Big Belt Bridge (Storebæltsforbindelsen)

Storebelt island (Storebælt) is located in the middle of the Strait. Here, the railway line running along the Western overpass dives underground, or rather, under water - into a tunnel about 8 kilometers long.

Island Storebelt (At Storebælt)

Island Of Zealand. Lake Tisso. Copenhagen is directly ahead.

Island Of Zealand. Lake Tisso

Strait Areson.

Strait Areson

Helsingor, or Elsinore, is well known for the immortal works of Shakespeare. On the Cape, "hamlet's castle" - Kronborg-is clearly visible. To the left of the castle is the terminal of the ferry crossing connecting helinger in Denmark with Helsingborg in Sweden.


Sweden. Skalderviken Bay and the town of Engelholm, famous for its beach.

Skalderviken Bay and engelholm town

Southern Sweden, lake Helgesen, having the shape of a butterfly.

Lake Asnen, Sweden

central Sweden.


A drizzle appeared on the porthole window over Central Sweden. Apparently, the warm breath of the Atlantic no longer reaches here.


Skerries of Vastervik, here our plane left Swedish territory.


Mid-may, the forest fire season has already begun. However, the scale is small.