Views from the Airplanes

In this section you will find photos that I took from the plane, flying on different routes over different countries.


The coast of Barcelona-Above the French Alps (read more)



Over Central Spain (read more)


The skyscrapers of Moscow city, Luzhniki stadium-Russia Central vicinity of the Koltsovo airport from the air - Military area of the airport Koltsovo (read more)


Volga. Desolate island, Saratov hydroelectric power station

Over the Lower Volga and Kuban - over Northern Turkey and the Bosphorus (read more)


Istanbul, view from the plane. Ataturk Olympic stadium

Istanbul. The view from the top Over the southern Europe - Lisbon Surroundings from the air (read more)


The Great Belt Strait,

Over the Atlantic coast - over Scandinavia-Helsinki-Vantaa Airport and surrounding area by air (read more)


Sunrise over the clouds

Red dawn above the clouds (read more)

Flight Yekaterinburg-Istanbul


The Volga steppe and the North Caucasus - Bosporus bridges (read more)

Flight Istanbul-Madrid

Lake Ohrid and Prespan, the view from the plane

Over Turkey, Greece and Italy - over Minorca and Majorca - over Valencia and Cuenca-Landscapes of Guadalajara - Landing at Barajas airport (read more)

The February snowfall 2018. Moscow-Yekaterinburg

The surroundings of Yekaterinburg, the view from the plane

Difficult takeoff-Flight in "milk" - Over the Ural metallurgy (read more)

Yekaterinburg - Domodedovo

Over the southern quarters of Yekaterinburg-the Vicinity of Domodedovo airport (read more)


Eastern suburbs of Moscow, aerial view

Over the Kaliningrad region-ant Hills of "Greater Moscow" - Izmailovo, Yuzhny port, Kapotnya-Landing in Domodedovo (read more)