Departure from Koltsovo airport, Yekaterinburg. Airfield

As usual, all my trips start at Koltsovo airport. This time my liner, arriving from Istanbul, was delayed only twenty minutes. Let me remind you that last time I sat at the airport for about six hours. Progress! The passengers were dropped off, but the gas station attendant arrived only half an hour later. Observing the preparation of the plane for the next flight, I noticed that the local airport employees were walking with a waddle, and the staff in overalls with the inscription Turkish Airlines moved at a run.

Koltsovo Airport

At check-in, I asked for a window seat, which I was asked to sit on at the emergency exit. The place is remarkable for the fact that you can stretch your legs there. However, the backpack with the photo equipment had to be put on a shelf - nothing should interfere with the passage to the emergency exit. Well, in this case, there is a pocket soap dish, all the pictures were taken with it, so I can not promise excellent quality.

Koltsovo Airport

The control tower is located just between the terminals of domestic and international flights.

Koltsovo Airport

On the right for domestic flights, on the left for foreign ones.

Koltsovo Airport. International terminal

When the plane was driven away from the landing gallery to the taxiway, I noticed that there are no deposits of snow on the platform, although this winter it was filled in a lot.

Koltsovo Airport. Technician

The old building of the airport after reconstruction is almost hidden by the landing galleries. On the right is the Liner hotel. By the way, there is a good round-the-clock cafe on the type of Buffet (buffet in our way). Last fall, when there was a big flight delay, I had a big Breakfast there at the expense of Turkish airlines.

Koltsovo Airport. The old terminal building and the hotel Liner

Still, most of the old terminal can be seen. The squat building with a tower, built in 1954, appears in several films on aviation topics - "wingspan", "Time to fly", "the Plane is flying to Russia".

Koltsovo Airport. Old airport terminal

Ural airlines technical hangar.

Koltsovo Airport. Ural airlines technical hangar

Helipad. There is a snowball here...

Koltsovo Airport. Helipad

The old cargo terminal.

Koltsovo Airport.

Nearby, in the Parking lot, you can see air trucks.

Koltsovo Airport.

An-12 and An-26, which seem to be working, although I haven't seen them in operation for a long time.

Koltsovo Airport.

Military zone. I've already told you what it is.

Koltsovo Airport. Military zone

This area looks more and more like a graveyard of planes.

Koltsovo Airport. Military zone

Today, in the military zone, there were two "Elks" - Czech L-410s, which I had not seen before. There is a project to assemble these aircraft at an aircraft repair plant in Koltsovo, and develop regional transportation based on the L-410, but so far the matter is not moving beyond loud statements.

Koltsovo Airport. Military zone

Fly up.

Southern suburbs of Yekaterinburg from the air

The southern suburbs of Yekaterinburg are under the wing.

Southern suburbs of Yekaterinburg from the air

In the South, the peaks of the Taganay range of the South Ural mountains look out from the clouds.

Over The Middle Urals. Taganay

While we were breaking through the clouds, a small layer of ice appeared on the wing in places, which quickly disappeared.


The ground was covered for the entire flight, so I didn't need the camera gear that I'd put away on the shelf. However, I have already described this routein detail .

Yekaterinburg-Istanbul. Above the clouds