History of Aviation

B-24D Hadley's Harem Bomber - Raid to Ploiesti

Raid on Ploiesti

Romanian oil fields and refineries were the main source of liquid fuel for Germany, so they were one of the most important objects for the allied aviation. And although the first attack was made on June 23, 1941, for two years it was not possible not only to interrupt, but even to reduce the supply of gasoline and other petroleum products to the enemy (read more )

Fairey III-D MkII Seaplane. Monument to the First Flight Across the South Atlantic, Lisbon

Fairey III-D MkII seaplane. Monument to the first flight across the South Atlantic, Lisbon

In the Park at the Belém tower is a monument to the plane-a monument erected in honor of the first air flight across the South Atlantic. In 1922, Portuguese naval pilots Gago Coutinho and Sacadura Cabral first laid an air route from Lisbon to Rio de Janeiro, marking the centenary of Brazil's independence (read more )

Condor Legion. Use Ju-87 with Bombs SC500 Photo Сhronicle

Ju-87A with SC500 bombs in Spain

In may 2013, in one of the halls of the Montjuic fortress, photo documents from the German military archives were put on public display, dedicated to one of the unsightly episodes of the Spanish Civil war-the actions of an air unit known as the Condor Legion (read more )